W1S1 [rıˈmembə US -ər] v
1¦(the past)¦
3¦(to do/get something)¦
4¦(keep something in mind)¦
5¦(honour the dead)¦
6 be remembered for/as something
7¦(give somebody a present)¦
8 remember me to somebody
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: remembrer, from Late Latin rememorari, from Latin memor; MEMORY]
1.) ¦(THE PAST)¦ [I and T]
to have a picture or idea in your mind of people, events, places etc from the past
Do you remember Rosa Davies?
I can't remember her exact words.
I remember you two couldn't stand each other at first!
I remember my father bringing home a huge Christmas tree.
I remember meeting her at a party once.
I remember it well ; I'd never seen my mother so angry.
She clearly remembers the excitement as they boarded the train.
I vaguely remember reading something about it in the paper.
They had three children, if I remember rightly .
They've lived here for as long as I can remember .
No one got drunk as far as I can remember .
to bring information or facts that you know into your mind
You left your keys on the table, remember?
I can't remember her phone number.
remember that
I suddenly remembered that I'd left the stove on.
remember what/how/why etc
I called the office, but I don't remember who I spoke to.
3.) ¦(TO DO/GET SOMETHING)¦ [I and T]
to not forget something that you must do, get, or bring
I hope he remembers the wine.
remember to do sth
Remember to take your P.E. clothes to school.
to keep a particular fact about a situation in your mind
Remember, processed food is usually full of salt and sugar.
remember that
Remember that not everyone has as much money as you.
it should/must be remembered (that)
It should be remembered that a lot of work went into this event.
to think with respect about someone who has died, often in a ceremony
On this day we remember the dead of two world wars.
6.) be remembered for/as sth
to be famous for something important that you did in the past
He is best remembered for his travel books.
Johnson wanted to be remembered as 'the education president.'
to give someone a present on a particular occasion
Lilian always remembers me at Christmas.
remember sb in your will
(=arrange for someone to have something of yours after you die)
8.) remember me to sb
spoken used to ask someone to give a greeting from you to someone else
COLLOCATES for sense 1
can/can't remember
remember (that)
remember (somebody) doing something
remember something well
distinctly/vividly/clearly remember (=remember something well)
vaguely/dimly/barely remember (=not remember something well)
remember something rightly/correctly
for as long as somebody can remember (=for a very long time)
as far as somebody can remember (=used for telling someone what you remember of a situation)
WORD CHOICE: remember, remind
You remember someone or something from a time in the past : I remember playing there when I was little. |Hello, do you remember me?
You also remember information or things that you must do : I can't remember what time he's arriving. | We must remember to close that window.
You remind someone about something when you tell them to remember it : Remind me to call Kim tomorrow. | Thomas reminded us that Dad was still waiting.
If something or someone reminds you of a person or thing, they make you think of them because they are similar : Being on the farm reminded me of my childhood. | She reminds me of my first girlfriend.
!! You can remind yourself of something, but you cannot remember yourself of something : I reminded myself of my promise. |He remembered his promise (NOT He remembered him/himself (of) his promise).

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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